Skin Detox – Skin Cleansing

Skin toxicity is a condition where your skin is unable to perform its intended function at optimal level.

Some of the skin functions are temperature regulation, regulation of fluid absorption, secretion of an acidic substance that inhibits bacteria and excretion of waste materials via the sweat glands. Toxic heavy metals are also released out of the body when we sweat.

It is said that the sweat glands of the skin can perform detoxification as one kidney. Thus it is important for the skin to be maintained so that it can perform detoxification at maximum levels.

The detoxification function of the skin is especially important if someone have damaged kidneys.

The use of skin care products that are full of synthetic chemicals is not good. These chemicals can be absorbed into the circulatory system and it could provide more toxins inside the body.

Most people would not feel the ill effects of these chemical additives instantly, because most of the time, the liver is able to metabolize and detoxify them.

As much as possible clean your skin using natural soaps. Use skin care products that use material from natural origin. Wear clothes with natural fibers instead of synthetic.

Natural fibers like cotton and wool can absorb toxins while synthetic fibers do not absorb toxins. Good nutrition is also important for the skin.

Our skin is mainly fat so it is wise to eat high quality fats with natural origin. Olive oil and butter are great source of natural fats and oils.

Dry Skin Brushing

To enable the skin to release more toxins away from your body, use a loofah sponge or dry skin brush. When you dry brush your skin, you are removing oils and dead skin cells which plug the pores.

Unclogged skin pores are more efficient in releasing toxins away from the body. After dry brushing, white blood cells would also migrate into the skin, enhancing the immune system functions.

Dry brushing can be performed easily by gently brushing the skin from the ends of the arms towards the trunk of the body. This is best done by using long strokes and a sweeping motion.

Brush the feet, legs up towards the groin area. The best time to do dry brushing is prior to bathing.

Sauna (Heat Stress Detoxification)

Sauna can clear your body of fat soluble toxins. Studies show that there is an average of 21.3% reduction of at least 16 Toxic chemicals (PCB, PBB) inside the body after sauna or heat stress detoxification.

The study also shows that the removal of harmful toxins from the body also continued for up to 4 months after discontinuing heat stress detoxification.

Cleansing baths

A cleansing bath involves the use of your bathtub plus additives that draws away toxins out of your skin.

A simple cleansing bath employs hot water, 3 tbsp Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 cups of Epsom salt and baking soda. The idea with this cleansing bath is that the salts will pull out the toxins while the soda neutralizes the acids present in the toxins.

Powdered ginger can also be added to the mixture which also helps draw out the toxins. For the cleansing bath to be effective, soak your entire body for at least 30 minutes and drink fresh water throughout the soak.

Benefits of Skin Detoxification:

Heat treatments allow the rise in body temperature which causes peripheral dilation and reduction in blood pressure
Increase in metabolism and stimulation of the immune system.

Heat allows sweating which causes the loss of water, salt, urea, uric acid, sulfates, creatinine, phosphates and lactic acid.

Increased oxygen availability to the body, decreasing lymphatic congestion and the removal of selected heavy metals.

Restoration of the natural Ph of the skin and hair.

Decrease the toxins inside the body.

Sedating and relaxing effects on the body.

Relief of minor aches and pains.

Risks of Skin Detoxification

Take extra caution if you are suffering from blood pressure problems, thyroid problems, heart ailments, if you are pregnant or if you have diabetes.

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