Lemon detox

This detoxification method was developed by Stanley Burroughs and it was published in his book, Healing for the Age of Enlightments.

The lemon detox or master cleanse is best described on Burroughs book and it would be advisable to read his book for a complete description.

Lemonade diet is used by people who want to improve their health or if they want to lose weight quickly. Detoxification using this method lasts for at least ten days while other practitioners says that this method can be used for up to 40 days.

The master cleanse or lemon detox can be done three to four times a year. Detoxification is complete when the buildup of white material (candida yeast) on the tongue fades and it appears light pink again. The lemon detox diet is said to make someone feel more energy and mental clarity.

After detoxification, there is break-in period before you can resume normal eating habits. The first day after lemon detox, you can only take orange juice. During the second day more orange juice is taken with vegetable soup. On the third day, salads, vegetables and fruits are allowed. Normal diet is resumed on the 4th day.


Lemon – This citrus fruit is used in the master cleanse because it is considered as a healing food in alternative medicine and it is rich in vitamins and minerals particularly vitamin-C and potassium. Lemon also makes the body more alkaline and makes the cleansing more effective.

Maple Syrup – Is considered to be a “good sugar” that provides micronutrients and calories to the body. It is rich in minerals like zinc and manganese. Burroughs recommends the use of grade B maple syrup because it has more minerals than grade A (light grade). “Grade-A” syrup has higher chances of being contaminated with formaldehyde. Agave may be substituted for maples syrup if you prefer it.

The master cleanse requires 6 to 12 glasses a day of:

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

2 tbsp maple syrup

1/10 tsp cayenne pepper (depends on your taste)

8 oz water

The daily intake is equivalent to the juice of 3 to 6 lemons and 3/4 to 1 1/2 cups of maple syrup. You can serve the master cleans as cold or hot.

Since the master cleanse does not involve the intake of dietary fibers or solid food, care must be taken to avoid constipation. Laxative tea should be taken every night coupled with saltwater drink every morning. The tea and saltwater drink facilitates normal bowel movement.

Side Effects

Most people would feel dizzy and extremely hungry when they start the lemon detox diet. Diarrhea or loose tools are commonly seen on this type of diet due to the laxative tea and saltwater drink.

It is encouraged to have frequent bowel movements as this action is believed to eliminate toxins inside the body.

Since this diet is very low on calories, one potential side effect is rapid weight loss which could lead to the formation of gallstones.

People who are suffering from diabetes, cancer, anemia and gallstones should not use this detoxification method.