Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metals are absorbed by the body through the foods that we eat, fluids that we drink and even through skin contact.

Heavy metals inside the body can cause health issue ranging from headaches, bone aches, memory loss, skin discoloration and nail discoloration.

Dental fillings that contain mercury is another source of heavy metal toxicity, it should be replaced with newer fillings that do not use mercury and other heavy metals.

Deodorants contain aluminum which is also absorbed via the skin so this product should also be avoided.

Sauna Detox

“Dry sauna” is known for centuries that it can reverser the symptoms of mercury poisoning in the miners of Spain. They would typically treat a person with acute mercury poisoning by daily 20 minute dry sauna. 20 minute dry sauna is also saves the kidney from being overworked.

The reason why dry sauna is very effective in mercury poisoning is the fact that mercury content is higher in sweat compared to urine. This means that sweating is more efficient in flushing out mercury inside the body.


The skin is probably the detoxification system of the body with the largest surface area. As we sweat, we excrete heavy metals and other waste materials out of the body.

You can initiate sweating by doing light exercises for about 20 minutes 3 times a day. After exercising, you can sit on a low heat sauna or under low heat infrared lights to encourage more sweat. Make sure that you consume adequate amounts of fluid while sweating to avoid dehydration.

Electrolytes are also lost during the sweating process; they can be replaced by drinking grape juice, prune juice and vegetable juices.

Supplements for Heavy Metal Detox

Chelating agents are necessary for removing heavy metals inside the body. These agents combine with heavy metals and make them less active and easier to excrete via the bloodstream.


Animal studies have been able to show that supplementation of methione protect rats from suffering the toxic effects of mercury and lead. Patients who are taking methionine have increased ability of excreting mercury in their urine by as much as 60% compared to those patients not taking methionine.

Milk Thistle (silymarin):

Silymarin protects the liver against toxins which could potentially damage the liver. his supplement also increases the production of glutathione inside the liver.


It stimulates the release of mercury and other heavy metals from inside the brain and central nervous system to be transferred out to other tissues.


This is a food like material that combines with heavy metals inside the body so that they can be flushed out via the digestive system.

Diet detox.