Foot detox – Foot Cleanse

Foot spas have been known along time ago by the Japanese when some of the villagers placed their feet on a hot spring, when they woke up the next day, they feel much healthier.

Modern foot spa contains various minerals or they are equipped with ion producers and with provisions for adding herbs.

Some manufacturers claim that it can enhance the detoxification process of the body, rejuvenate health, remove fatigue and stress oriented illness.

Some Reported Benefits of Foot Detox

  1. • Reduction of water retention
  2. • Better immune system
  3. • Increased Blood Circulation
  4. • Increased Energy levels
  5. • Relieves Allergy
  6. • High blood pressure
  7. • Relief of Joint Pains
  8. • Relief of muscle aches
  9. • Faster healing of injured soft tissues
  10. • Reduces inflammation

The best temperature for a good foot detox is 40-42 degrees centigrade and the foot should be immersed for about 10-25 minutes per treatment. It can be done as many times as you like.

For increased effectiveness, you should place natural herbs and additives on your foot spa because these herbs also help in preventing hundreds of illnesses.

1. Pine tree leaves
2. Green tea
3. Garlic, Ginger, and Hot pepper
4. Bamboo leaves
5. Dried radish, carrot leaves
6. Corn Silk
7. Citrus skin

There are many additives that can be used for foot spa but the above mentioned natural herbs are well known for their health benefits.

They are good for treating insomnia, asthma, headache, rheumatism, arthritis, fatigue, skin allergies, and common cold. Some guidebooks for tourists specify the minerals that can be found on a particular hot spring.

Ion Foot Detox

The “ion cleanse” or detox is based on a discovery that illness is more prevalent when the body is more acidic. Ion cleansing changes the polarity of the atoms to pull out the toxins from the body.

Many spas and holistic healers use ion cleansing to change the charge and the acidity of the body and facilitate removal of toxins. A simple foot detox is taking a walk along the beach. It is thought that as water molecules crash at your feet, they release negative ions which our bodies absorb.

The negative ions improve organ function and helps eliminate waste easily. Ion foot detox machines have an electrode array which causes ionization of the water and allows detoxification through the feet. The feet is said to be a natural place to detoxify since they contain 200 large pores capable of excreting toxins out of the body.