Colon Detox – Colon Cleanse

The gastro intestinal tracks needs to be cleansed properly so that it can eliminate waste materials from the body more efficiently.

If the GI tract cannot do its job properly, there would be a build up of toxic waste in the body. Growth of cysts, polyps and adenomas is also highly conducive in a GI tract that is not properly cleansed.

By cleaning the stomach, small intestine and large intestines, we would be able to restore the tone of the intestines in its natural form.

We would also be able to normalize the acidity and alkalinity of the GI tract, remove harmful bacteria and yeasts and of course encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Detoxification also helps in healing ulcerations and other tissue problems in the body.

Dandelion roots

One of medicinal herbs that you can use in detoxification of the GI tract is Dandelion roots. This plant contains insulin that is needed by bifidobacteria, a good bacterium that lives in the intestines. Dandelion roots also help in the detoxification of the liver.

A good detox diet also helps in cleansing the GI tract. Drink plenty of liquids in the form of plain water, fruit juices, vegetable juices and herbal teas. Reduce your intake of meat products and grains.


Psyllium is type of soluble fiber which forms a bulky gel inside the intestine. The bulky gel helps regulate the flow of waste materials. Psyllium helps the feces to move out of the colon faster.

This reduction in transit time avoids constipation and also helps the colon to flush out carcinogens, toxins and xenobiotic substances that have accumulated inside the GI tract.


When you combine bentonite clay and water, this material expands and creates porous spaces in between the clay particles.

These empty spaces acts like a sponge which absorbs toxins, aflatoxins, pesticides and herbicides that have been present inside the GI tract.

We ingest trace amounts of pesticides and herbicides through contaminated fruits and vegetables. Bentonite also scrapes the lining of the colon which releases the waste materials that have been deposited on it through years of eating an unhealthy diet.

The ability of the colon to absorb nutrients is also increased as the lining of the colon becomes cleaner.